Where or Where does the first trimester end?

November 26, 2009 at 6:00 pm 5 comments

According to the IVF.ca calculator the babies estimated due date is 31 May 2009 (you enter your egg retrieval date aka ovulation and out pops the due date). According to our Infertility Clinic the estimated due date is 3 June 2009.

This is just the beginning of baby tracking confusion.

 According to IVF.ca there are 3 potential dates as the first day of the second trimester. November 15 (development), November 25 (Gestation) and December 4 (Conception), it’s odd, people have been having babies now for thousands of years, you would figure it would be all cut and dry, but really it’s not.

 Then you throw in the twin factor, twins seem to want to come in the world a little before singletons. Lenore, of Ask Lenore, told me to start pumping at 30 weeks, as twins usually come at 36 weeks and this will give you 6 weeks of pumping (but of course, sometimes they come earlier).  According to the IVF. ca calculator  the most likely date for twin babies to be born is 9 May 2009, as in Mothers Day (at least in North America). I like this idea, but, hope for M’s sake that they decide to come a little later, I imagine she would prefer to spend mothers day surrounded by her own family then bringing mine screaming into the world.

 So here we are mostly in the second trimester, but, maybe a little in the first (at least until next Friday). The big countdown in our house is on for my Christmas treat, a 3D ultra sound date with M and the babies! I have not seen the peanuts since they were only 9 weeks old (which is over a month and feels like a lifetime ago!). So for my Christmas gift we have booked a 3d date for Saturday 19 December! We can go see the babies, and then go to lunch with M, it’s going to be so much fun!!

The babies will be 16 weeks 5days old and according to the ultra sound clinic we should be able to determine if the Peanuts are going to be little girls or little boys. I’m excited and in a weird way nervous to find out who is in there, nervous because we have lots of names in mind for one gender and ZERO in mind for the other (and zero that I can think of that I like that has not been recently used by friends).

 My IVF infection update

 It seems like the IVF infection may STILL be in my body, I had a chest X ray last night that showed fluid on the right side around my diaphragm, which he suspects maybe the infection. The doctors have all been awesome trying to accommodate me and my crazy work. I have a Chest CT scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8am (and have warned work that I will be late coming in tomorrow – and I’m staying late tonight to compensate). I also warned that I will probably be late on Tuesday too, I called my gyne guy to keep him abreast and he wants me to come in next Tuesday (his clinic usually starts at 9am, but, he’s going to see me at 830am in an attempt to keep me from being fired). Have I mentioned how horrified every doctor is when I tell them of my-come-to-work-or-get-fired scenario? Then when I say I work for a doctor their jaw drops and they seem to get even more upset (it will be interesting when I see my gyne who personally knows my you-goanna-get-your-ass-fired doctor boss).

 Anyhow, it maybe  a persistent infection, I’m praying that it is something else, anything else really, and that if it is an infection they can drain it via ultra sound or CT like an egg retrieval rather then surgery, anything but surgery (if they do cut me open they will give me a hysterectomy and I will instantly become a 50 year old woman).

Please pray for me, I don’t want to loose all my lady bits.


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The pigs cometh Infected Duck

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  • 1. My Reality  |  November 26, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    I never was able to figure out exactly when the first trimester ended. But once I stopped feeling like death warmed over (about 14 weeks) I figured it was done!

  • 2. g  |  November 26, 2009 at 8:13 pm

    It’s because it’s an arbritrary thing anyway. But I can tell you that as a clinician, the first tri ends at 14 completed weeks gestation by convention. We all do it that way.

    Hoping you get a handle on that infection, it’s got to be making you feel pretty lousy, let alone the work situation.


  • 3. JellyBelly  |  November 26, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Sorry Duck, I can’t help you with the first trimester business!

    As for my abscess I didn’t have it drained. The infectious disease doctor and the admitting ob/gyn both thought that it was too dangerous to drain it because of its location. They figured that with one month of antibiotics that it would clear up, apparently it would take almost two and a half months worth (I have nine more pills left, I will be so happy when I’m finally done).

    I’ll send you an e-mail with the particulars, k?

  • 4. bustedbabymaker  |  December 1, 2009 at 1:31 pm

    So happy for you about expecting – I saw your prior message and emailed you, not sure if you got it…so sorry to have not been checking in more, I always forget to read blogs that can’t be read via google reader. Now that I have this one though I’ll add it to my WP blogs.

  • 5. Amanda  |  December 2, 2009 at 1:08 am

    I don’t really know about the first trimester business…my rule of thumb is that once I get to the end of the 12 week, your out of the first trimester. I don’t think it matter really.

    For twins, they say the average gestational age is between 34 and 36 weeks (though some do and have gone over all the time), but if your wanting a good supply of milk, I might start pumping by about 28 weeks? That way if they do come early, than your totally ready in that department.

    Good luck finding out what’s wrong and getting the anwsers to get rid of it. I hate being sick..ugh.


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