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Making the milk

32 weeks 2 days

Inducing lactation has been a big important deal for me – I wish I could describe why it matters so much, but, it honestly just does.

So, I’ve been pumping now for a few days, and while I am not over-loaded with milk (1.5 ounces per day) I am also not obsessed with the amount of milk I am making (remember – it’s not the milk – it’s about the bonding experience).  I am totally cool with feeding my babies formula (and please save the “breast is best” rant – I’m not interested in hearing it).

It’s working out so I get to pump 5-7 times a day on week days and 8 times a day on weekends, what’s odd is that pumping more often (8 times) or less often (5 times) makes no difference so far  –  I always get the same amount of milk (odd isn’t it).  I am pumping for 25-30 minutes per session, which works out to a whole LOT of my day, but, it is worth it, because when those babies are born, I simply can’t wait to have that experience with my children.

 (PS – there is a whole PILE of excitement around our house at being in the 32nd week, only 4 more weeks till we get to see the little people in PERSON!).


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Lactation Induction, What’s up with that?

16 weeks 3 days

Inducing lactation, for me, has very little to do with breast milk.

Sure, I will make some breast milk and that will benefit the twins, but mostly I just want to have that experience that pregnant new moms also get.

 I know that breastfeeding twins will be HARD HARD work. I know that they will have to be supplemented with formula (and I am FINE with that – I know so many great kids that were raised on formula). But, these are the experiences that I, and they, would get to have if I was pregnant, so why deny the babies, or me that experience?

For me, when I learned that I could breastfeed, somehow it really helped me accept surrogacy (well I also had no choice, it was surrogacy or no babies – that helped too).  It was my fabulous Montreal RE who told me about breastfeeding (as much as I love Dr. Del Valle who actually made me an expectant Mom I attribute just as much success to our Montreal Doctor, Dr. Mahutte, who brought us to the point where we could move onto surrogacy). He did so gently, he gave my uterus every chance possible, we even did an FET shot with Viagra – not that he thought it would help – but just so I could walk away knowing that I did everything.

When he told me that I could breastfeed it was like I could breath again, I had no idea it was something that I wanted to do so badly (and I imagine the 2 years I spent living in Montreal probably helped influence that – I’ve never seen such a place so positive breastfeeding in my life).

 But there are some significant obstacles.

First pumping. I have the pump (he arrived last week!) but there is a significant lack of pumping space.

Where does one do such a thing?

I have a wide open cubicle, can’t pump there. 

Pumping seems to be practically unheard of in Canada (please correct me!) where women can take the first year off of work as maternity leave (and get some monies from the federal government in the form of unemployment insurance). What this means is there is no such thing as a “pumping room”…

And how can I take off every 3 hours to pump?  Logistically how the hell is this going to work?

(remember my employer is a bit of a jerk – I had that whole firing-me-because-I-was-sick-issue – which they can do as I am a contract employee – a contract employee can be terminated at any time for any reason provided that they give you the notice period or money in lieu of notice as stipulated in the employment contract).

All these thoughts are keeping my mind occupied from the big wait- only 2 more sleeps till the scan!

If you have not voted on the poll please please vote! I love knowing who people think is growing in M’s belly

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Mr Breast Pumps big american adventure.

15 weeks 1 day

Mr. Pump is traveling UPS, which means I can track it’s movements, which I happily do several times a day, because I am a freak like that.

The wee pump started his adventure in Sunny Anaheim California on December 2nd .From there he went to glitzy LA and then directly from LA to scenic Windsor Ontario where the pump went into a “brokerage” to pass through customs. He landed at the brokerage on Friday and spent a weekend on a shelf in luxiourious Windsor.

Today,after his weekend getaway in Windsor, he turned around and went back to the states.

Which is where I started to panic, why is my wee little pump making a run for the border? He is oh so close? Why turn back now?

Today he went from Windsor, Ontario to a place called Hodgkins outside of Chicago (please correct me if I am wrong). After much googling I discover that this is UPS’s giant hub where packages go to get re-routed… very odd to leave Canada to come to Canada.

Regardless, wee pump went from Hodgkins Illinois to Maumee OH, which according to Google is 488 Kilometres away from my house, and isn’t Ohio like right next door to Michigan , which is right next door to Windsor, that wee Ontario town where he started the day?

The poor pump must be exhausted from his very long trip, but the good news is that apparently he will arrive safe and sound into my arms tomorrow! A full day earlier then anticipated despite his little tour of the states.

Tomorrow also marks the very first OB appointment!! Yea! Maybe if M is feeling up to it, she may even blog? But the twins (oh and her own kids!) do tend to wear her out – not sure how she finds the time to fit it all is.

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Infected Duck

I had a chest CT today that showed that I have fluid pushing up on my right lung, most likely from an infection in the pelvic area.

I am not real talkative today as I am pretty disappointed that this infection is back,and I plan on begging the gyne to put me on super-duper strong antibiotics for 45 days to kill this thing, or at least to try that. It is clear that it responds to antibiotics, but, the problem lies in the fact that 10 days is just not enough to kill the buggers. Please pray that he agrees as otherwise it means bye-bye my last ovary, and really, I am just not ready to say good-bye.

Boob Growing News

The good news of today is I found a NEW PJ Limerick pump on sale for a great deal on Ebay (I check everyday for this pump as I can not afford the new pump). Well to my delight I found this new PJ Limerick Pump on sale for a great price. Unlike most personal pumps, this pump CAN be reused by other mothers so when I am done with the pump in a year I can sell it! Which makes me very very happy.

Here is what my new pump looks like:

I am super excited to get this one in the mail! If you want to read about the pump – here is the website. From what I read this should give me the best of both worlds, and I should not have to rent a hospital grade pump :). So excited to get pumping! Only 16 more weeks till I start!

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Support, Official news and Growing Boobs.

13 Weeks 0 Days


Today I made a date to see the fabulous Ms. JB, it has been a while, and admittedly the first time I met JB I was nervous. Why would I be nervous to meet such a wonderful woman? You see, I had a very traumatic experience the last time I reached out for in-person support.

Back when we lived in Montreal I went to an infertility support group sponsored by IAAC which is like RESOLVE but in Canada. Funny, I went for support and felt worse afterwards, like not only am I infertile, I’m not a “worthy infertile” because I was under 30. You see the woman running the group was unique aka bitter and should not be involved in any kind of human interaction yet alone lead a support group. Whenever I raised my concerns or told them about my infertility I was told “yeah but your so young, you’ve got nothing to worry about”.

That was meeting one.

But, I was down and really really really needed in person support. So believe it or not I went back again for another beating meeting. This time the other couple there were really nice and friendly, but, the person running the group was again,  mean. She actually asked “is this past your bed time” (it was 8pm).  She also gave this long speech about “not expecting having a baby to improve your marriage – if he’s not supportive now he never will be etc etc, while staring at me (being the only person there that was alone)”. Yes, my husband is not with me, that’s because he’s working, bitch.

Anyhow, that was my horrid awful infertility support group experience. Never again will I go to an infertility support group.

Sorry, tangent there. Anyhow, given my last “in person infertile experience” I was nervous when I met JB. Would she be mean and cruel or stay true to her blog form? Thankfully I can report she was wonderful! And I’m excited about getting to hang out with her again soon!

Official News

Today I got an email from the Clinic that said “We received the results from the 12 week ultra sound report and everything looks great”!!! YEA! Great to hear it officially from the doctor as the first OB appointment is not for another few weeks. Even though I have not seen them in a month, knowing that they are growing and happy (of course they’re happy they are safe with M!) makes me feel great.

Growing Boobs

AKA Lactation induction. I started the complete protocol last week, we start off slow with the BCP and Dom 1 pill 4 times a day, then this Wednesday I increase to 2 pills 4 times a day then I increase to 3 pills 3 times a day! Not  many women out there are blogging about inducing lactation, so you will be getting the nitty gritty details so other IMs can know what to expect. The big decision this week is what pump should I get? We need a hospital grade breast pump which are UNBELIEVABLY expensive to buy new (over 1K!) and CRAZY to rent too, so we are looking at used on ebay. Here is where my question comes in – any other IMs out there inducing lactation? What pump did you use and were you happy with it?

Right now we are looking at the Medela lactina:

OR the Ameda Elite

Such big decisions to make (and oh my god these things look like they are about to milk a cow!!).

November 23, 2009 at 7:49 pm 13 comments

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