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Radio Silence

27 weeks 2 days

Sorry I have been so quiet lately, lots of excuses that are boring and mostly involve my working long hours for the ingrates and Mr. Duck travelling (he’s working hard to wrap up all his projects before April and after this week he will be down 1 major project).

There is something about getting closer to the due date that does make me nervous, the closer we slowly inch to it, the more I want the babies to be okay, to stay with M until after 34 weeks (well really after 36 weeks is even better).

There’s something about inching towards the third trimester that is somehow stressful, and I find my naturally not worrying self to be more worried.

I’m sure it is more  a reflection of not seeing M for such a long time, and we are all hoping to get together this Saturday, something about seeing her in person just makes me feel so much better (talking on the phone is great too!).

M has an OB appointment tomorrow and I imagine I will feel a little less anxious when I hear that all is still going great…


March 3, 2010 at 11:22 pm 8 comments

A post in points.

26 weeks 6 days

  • I told my sister, and then we got on skype together and told my parents. It was great to have her support and she took the lead controlling the situation, it was just what I needed and I have no idea what I would have done without her.
  • My parents were in total shock and asked no questions at all, but, called my sister an hour later and grilled her for info, so far so good, I think.
  • I seem to have a cold, there has been one going around at work, and for some reason I am having lots of cramps, which is weird given the continuous BCP that I am taking.
  • I start pumping in 3 weeks! So very excited that I decided to induce lactation, women who can’t be pregnant miss out on so many things (the kicks, the belly rubs from husbands, the conversations about pending babies, the security of knowing that your babies are with you) and it makes me so very happy that when the babies are born I can breastfeed, I know bfing twins will not be easy, but that’s fine with me, and I am totally prepared to supplement with formula (the lact-aid arrives on Monday). I will have to write a post about it sometime in the next few weeks, because my bfing has nothing to do with breast milk, I am not one of those breastmilk crazies and am fine if the twins only get a small amount of milk, for me, it is about the bonding experience, it’s about being what (in my mind) the role of a new mother is, and that’s what I will be, a new mother.
  • Looking forward to watching the game tonight, and obviously there is no need to tell you what game I am referring to.
  • Thanks for all your comments on your last post, it helps to read that others also felt this way at this point in the pregnancy, I am looking forward to the 30 week mark when, hopefully, it will pass.

February 28, 2010 at 10:16 am 10 comments

New Feelings.

26 weeks 1 day

I had my very first conversation with my in-laws since they got our fabulous news. We chatted via skype so that our phone line was free in case M called.

The in-laws are so very incredibly absolutely excited. They want to tell the universe and we have given them permission to tell their respective families that we are expecting twins.

 Apparently Mr. Duck’s Grandmother asked if twins “ran in my family” (I do have 2 cousins who are twins). My MIL not missing a beat said that my Grandmother was a twin. A total out and out lie (this is why I love her – she gets that people are curious and you just give them what they want – no need to explain the complexity of an embryo transfer to a 90 year old woman).

 But then, my MIL asked me a question.

“So how are the twins?”.

 And for some reason I felt like crying and screaming all that same time.

 My response “I don’t know they are –  how would I know how they are?”

All of a sudden I felt a pain that indeed I have not yet felt.

 It’s not like I can reach down and feel them kick and know that everything is alright.

I was in Cuba for a week, isolated away from phones, internet, with no contact at all with M, so when our in-laws asked “how are the twins”. I had absolutely nothing at all that I could say and it sorta hit me hard.

Like a giant rock between the eyes.

I have no idea how the babies are, and that is the nature of surrogacy.

Today, I must admit, I am really getting anxious for the weeks to pass and for the babies to be out into the world, where I can simply look down at them and know exactly how they are.

Is this normal? Do other intended mothers feel like this? 

(note – this does not mean that I want them to arrive early – we’re still aiming for 36 weeks which is only 10 weeks away – but I am getting anxious to be able to see them face to face).

February 23, 2010 at 10:52 am 14 comments

Monkey and Giraffe’s Big Vacation Adventure

26 weeks 0 days

Our vacation was lovely, although, I admit we did feel a little isolated from the world with NO internet access! Which means no conversations with M for a whole week! We are in total withdrawal and can not WAIT to talk with her as soon as possible!

Here is what Monkey and Giraffe got up to on their vacation…

First they hung out a lot and read all kinds of baby books:

They played Chess – a lot of giant chess:

And of course, they spend most of their time hanging out at the beach:

Can’t believe it is 26 weeks! Have lots of more posts brewing in my brain – will post again soon.

February 22, 2010 at 8:21 pm 8 comments


24 weeks 6 days

When I read this post from TABI way back in June I was absolutely struck.

She’s so right.

The problem with starting to try and get pregnant as soon as you get married is each and every wedding anniversary is a reminder of the anniversary of when you started trying.

For us, this week marks the 5th year we started trying.

Half a decade.

Back when we got married we made this silly plan that every year we would take 1 week, we would go down south and just have a week together.

The first anniversary we skipped because I was in University (and we were trying – so what if I got pregnant – I couldn’t plan anything).

The second year I had just started a job and we were busy shooting the finale of a 12 part series, so we skipped the second year.

The third year, on our anniversary date, I had my very first egg retrieval, a freeze-all cycle that revealed that my uterus may be useless.

The fourth year we did an embryo transfer with our first surrogate that ended when there was no heartbeat at the 6 week scan.

All those years, all those memories, we had to bring the joy back in our anniversary.

Here we are, at almost 26 weeks, our dreams of having a family will come true soon, and we are also fufilling another dream.

Today we leave for  a tiny 26 kilometre island, white sands, books, sailing and biking.

This year, our anniversary will be about romance and each other and this dream that we are realizing.

So, thanks TABI, thanks for the advice on fulfilling dreams while we are waiting for our ultimate dream to come true.

February 14, 2010 at 9:47 am 9 comments

Glamour shots (take 2)

24 weeks 5 days

Here is our little girl at 24 weeks 1 day:

So cute!!!

February 13, 2010 at 9:36 am 6 comments

Glamour Shots

24 weeks 3 days

From Tuesday’s Ultra sound.

Because PCs SUCK and I need to edit the photos on a normal MAC, I can only show you our little boy (for some reason the girls picture won’t upload right).

Our Baby boy at 24 weeks 1 day:

 I despise working with PCs and I seem to get home so late that I can never do anything but cook, clean and sleep.

(but don’t feel bad for me – I am going down south for a week on Sunday – will hopefully get a moment to blog all about it and our reason for our trip sometime this weekend).

February 11, 2010 at 1:47 pm 5 comments

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