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In Canada, the laws of surrogacy fall under the”Assisted Human Reproduction Act”. This act covers everything from cloning to surrogacy.

Here is a quick synopsis of The Assisted Human Reproduction Act  states the following:

  1. We, Canucks can not pay a fellow Canuck to carry our baby, it’s illegal.
  2. We can not pay an intermediary to “arrange” a surrogacy.
  3. A surrogate MUST be 21 years of age or older.
  4. We can pay all reasonable expenses to our surrogates.
  5. We can pay for loss related income (provided an OB says that they can not work).

So, what does this really mean, I’m not quite sure. There are agencies in Canada, some of them with fabulous reputations (note I have never worked with an agency – so can not personally vouch for anyone. I have worked with a “fertility coach” and that will be a whole other feature in a future post). As far as I know, none of these agencies have been prosecuted.

For the low down on IPs work with this legislation email me at

My only other tip on this legislation is that it is currently being examined by the Supreme Court of Canada. From what I understand Quebec is challenging the Federal Governments ability to write legislation that addresses Human Reproduction. Because of this challenge, and fear that if overturned the Quebec government will make Surroacy illegal, most clinics in Quebec are recommending that IPs work with surrogates from any other province, afterall no one wants to be mid- journey and realize that surrogacy is illegal.


December 11, 2009 at 8:39 pm 2 comments

Introducing… Friday’s Surrogacy Eh? Navigating surrogacy in the land of the igiloos.

14 weeks 4days

Over the past year I have virtually met so many women confused and lost as they are thrown into the world of Surrogacy.

So, I’ve decided to try my very best to help – starting the annual Friday post Surrogacy Eh? Navigating surrogacy in the land of the igloos.

For my first bit of AssVice:

Match me.

I was warned about not jumping into a match.

My dear from Sarah tried in her very kind way to help guide me from jumping into a relationship with the very first surrogate that came along (who was not totally ruled out by basic criteria like having carried a child before, and not being stalk raving mad).

But, here is the truth.

By the time that an infertile couple lands on the island of surrogacy they have usually floated in the sea of despair for years.

Countless failed cycles from some, years of miscarriages for others.

The trip to surrogacy island is not a luxury liner.

It’s a little more like your fishing boat caught fire 200 kilometres off the coast so you ended up in a tiny rubber dingy bobbing in the atlantic.

But once you arrive to the island, it can be okay, it all depends on who the inhabitants are.

Stay with me.

If you were trapped on a desert island, who would you want with you?

What kind of personality would they have, would they be someone who is hunting in the woods, finding new fruits, seeking sources or water? Or would they be someone who lies in a pile and does the “oh woe is me” I need someone to rescue me.

Perhaps, you, the IM, is the  kind that likes to wallow in sorrow?

A good match, if you can get it, would be with someone who is indeed like-minded, or close to it.

This will make communications and the journey so much smoother, as you will be able to understand the other’s perspective.

If you are an extrovert who likes to “hang it all out there” you are going to want to blog, with pictures,  first and last names and maybe even your social security number.

Others  just love love drama, they always have to have a crisis in their lives (I would recommend seeking a good councillor for this issue, and perhaps resolving it before you get involved with someone elses life – no GS or IP wants to have someone who is constantly looking for problems and mixing up drama). But if you love who you are, and love the drama then find yourself another Drama Queen. You will have a fun journey of dramatic stuff that your obviously into.

If you appreciate a bit of privacy, you’re maybe a bit like me, a little blog, under an anonymous name, tucked safely away on the internet.

If you are a laid back person, don’t match yourself with a type A, they will make you want to strangle them as they will need to obsess over every little detail.

After just reading all this, it really does seem rather obvious, doesn’t it?

To sum it all up, the quickest litmus test for me, is this, can I be trapped on an island with this woman for a year?

Will we want to kill each other, or will we carve out letters from bits of bark so we can play Scrabble?

Use this test in your match, and the answer of what you should do will quickly come to you.

December 4, 2009 at 2:06 pm 5 comments

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