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The baking continues…

35 weeks 4 days 

It looks like the baking shall go on! 

 I had an update from M and she wrote that the NST test today went great and that the babies are doing absolutely fine. This of course is fantastic news, which I take to mean that the babies will continue to bake on. 

 M has another NST scheduled for next Thursday (she’ll also see her OB then as that is the OB who will be reading the test next week). 

 Mr and I don’t have a lot on our plate this weekend except to go see Made in India at Hotdocs. 

 Anyone want to take a guess on when the babies are going to make their appearance? I’m sure M and I are curious to see if anyone guesses the right day… 




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My complex relationship with spring

35 weeks 2 days

Ah Spring.

The only time of the year when nature mocks me.

In the spring the miracle of new life is everywhere.

Tulips that we planted last fall appear and bring new life.

Ducks have tiny little ducklings.

Raccoons have tiny raccoons.

Some infertiles find Christmas to be the hardest time of the year.

For me, it’s spring, where even nature mocks me.

Except this spring.

This spring I feel light in my step, I happily look on as the flowers bloom, and I can not wait to see the first set of little ducklings.

It’s amazing what the generosity of one women can do to make your life so much better, and M has totally changed our life, without her I would be facing another depressing spring.

Instead, I am anxiously anticipating the birth of our 2 little people.

And according to the OB, that birth will not be happening anytime soon. She is hoping, and thinks it is possible for M to go until MAY 16th (aka 37 weeks and 6 days).

PS. M has NSTs scheduled for Friday and next Thursday just to keep an eye on what the babies are doing.

Some signs of new life from our garden:

April 28, 2010 at 7:22 pm 7 comments

The eve of 35.(updated)

34 weeks 6 days

  • I’m happy to report that we are almost into week 35. Tomorrow marks the first day of the 35th week for the babies. Each week means that the babies will spend less and less time in the NICU.
  • Not too much new here – I’ve been busy pumping and cleaning and cooking (I’ve baked 2 lots of “lactation cookies” – I modified the recipe to increase the amount of oats, flax and brewers yeast – so it’s even healthier – and my freezer is now full of quick snacks.
  • I’ve weeded my garden and all the lovely plants we planted last year are coming back to life, including the tulips that we planted last fall (maybe if the babies stay gestating I will take a pic).
  • The next OB appointment is on Wednesday (looking forward to seeing M and hearing about how long more the babies may bake). The OB’s original plan was to plan an induction once M reaches 37 weeks according to her date-line(May 13th) – M’s OB has the due date as June 3rd and, myself and the high risk doc calculated the due date as May 31st.
  • predicted that the babies “twin due date” is May 9th, mother’s day, and we’re hoping that the babies bake until then.

I know days of silence may have  you wondering if the babies are here, and I promise, we will post something if anything exciting happens, Mr. Duck has a blackberry and I can post from that.

And now some pics of the nursery:

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Sightings of the in-utero kind.

34 weeks 2 days

 Yesterday we had the FINAL high risk OB appointment. M and the babies have now graduated and are under the full care of her OB, which is exciting!  The babies can now come into this world at M’s local hospital, making it a whole lot easier on her and her family! YEA! It’s great to have one goal behind us.

 The ultra sound tech was again, fabulous, this hospital is so warm and welcoming to IPs! I got to sit next to the tech and see all the uterus happenings.

 And we discovered that they both have little surprises for us, both the little boy and little girl have hair! The little boy has more hair than the little girl, but, I was shocked to hear from the tech that they both have hair.

There was a biophysical test and they both received 8 out of 8. As part of the test the tech was trying to get the little boy to wake up and be  a little active so she was poking at him with the probe. Well, our little boy thought that it wasn’t very cool so he gave us the finger! Then, I think,  he felt guilty and gave us a peace sign (which he maintained for a while) and then just started punching around.

 They’re both getting big, our little girl is 4.8 pounds and the little boy is 5.3 pounds! We’re really happy as she is considered average and he is above average for their gestational age!

Thanks for all your responses to my previous question. It got me thinking too, what would I do if I was pregnant? For me, if I was pregnant, I would have a c-section (but this is because I’ve had a laparotomy before and I am not interested in recovering from both).

So far, the plan is for M to try to do a vaginal delivery, and they will try to turn little boy to see if he wants to be head down. If he won’t cooperate, then it’s a c-section. I feel good about this plan and I am very happy that M and I both agree that a breach delivery is too dangerous to attempt!

Of course, as the high risk OB said yesterday ,it all will come down to the OB that is attending when M goes into labour and their experience/comfort level with attempting a vaginal delivery, after all they are the one that has to tell us what is safe/and what isn’t safe.

So, that’s the plan!

Next week we have an appointment with the regular OB, and it’s late enough in the day so that we can all attend! It will be good to hear her perspective on everything and as always it will be fun to see M again!

April 21, 2010 at 1:27 pm 11 comments

What would you do?

33 weeks 3 days

 We (Mr. Duck, M and I) need opinions here, and because I don’t want to bias you, I will not give you our opinion, other then to say that M and I are on the same page.

 It’s about how the babies come into this world.

 Baby A is sitting pretty all ready and waiting to appear in the proper head down position, but Baby B (at 32 weeks half a pound heavier then Baby B) is sitting butt first (breech position).

 Here are the 2 options:

 Option 1: Planned C-section

 Option 2: Vaginal Birth for baby A, trying to turn Baby B, if he turns and is happy then he can follow is sister, if he is not happy or does not turn it’s an emergency C-section.

Note that M and I are on the same page about Baby B being born breach, we both feel that it is just too risky, given my personal family history of bilateral congenital hip dysplasia (dislocated hips) and the possibility of cord injury. Remember, we’ve been trying to have these children for over 5 years (and I’ve been diagnosed with being infertile 13 years ago) all that time, energy and not to mention 6 figures in cash means that we NEED to take 2 babies home, we love them, they are our children, and we need for them to be okay.

I won’t say anything more because I really really want your personal opinions, and you don’t have to be pregnant, you just have to be empathetic, what would you do if you were me (or M)?

(note all else is fab with the babies and M’s belly is now measuring 39 weeks the largest she has ever been for a pregnancy – but she still looks all cute just total belly!).

April 15, 2010 at 10:10 am 20 comments

What’s in a name?

32 Weeks  4 days

Last night, when chatting with M, we got to talking about names.

Their names are kinda finalized. Both of the little one’s will have their own unique first name, and their second names will be steeped in family origin.

The little girl will have my middle name, Veronica, the name of my grandmother, a tough lady who raised 10 kids by herself (her husband worked away from home and came home twice  a year, each time she get knocked up). A lady who believed that “every woman must get educated so that you don’t have to rely on a man to take care of you”. A woman who even into her 80s could talk about world events and politics with the best of them. A woman who looked like the Queen of England and would read my sociology books for fun. A woman who would never turn down a hand of cards and loved a good bargain.

The little boy’s middle name, Peter, is Mr. Duck’s middle name, his father’s name and my great-uncles name. My great uncle Peter was wise, so wise that he left home at the young age of 12 because he “knew there had to be something better then this”. (this was the poverty in  rural newfoundland)

And he found something better. He adventured to Europe, fought in the first world war (survived it, mostly because he fought as part of England’s troop and not the Newfoundland Regiment).

Peter lived off the grid after the Great War, travelling from small town to small town in the US and Canada forming unions along the rail line. He moved from place to place assuming a new identity each time. Once the union was solid, he moved onto the next town.  My father’s family are really a bunch of idealists and socialists, and I love them for it.

Peter was the source of folk-lore in our family and he was reunited with us in the 90’s when he was found living on a small island in the west coast, a long-haired hippy guy who married a woman 35 years his junior. He lived to be 104, and although you won’t find him in the history books, he lived a great life, he made a difference in the world, and he made a difference to me.

There is a lot to be said about a name, and I am glad that our children will have such strong stories to go with their middle names.

April 9, 2010 at 9:00 am 8 comments

Making the milk

32 weeks 2 days

Inducing lactation has been a big important deal for me – I wish I could describe why it matters so much, but, it honestly just does.

So, I’ve been pumping now for a few days, and while I am not over-loaded with milk (1.5 ounces per day) I am also not obsessed with the amount of milk I am making (remember – it’s not the milk – it’s about the bonding experience).  I am totally cool with feeding my babies formula (and please save the “breast is best” rant – I’m not interested in hearing it).

It’s working out so I get to pump 5-7 times a day on week days and 8 times a day on weekends, what’s odd is that pumping more often (8 times) or less often (5 times) makes no difference so far  –  I always get the same amount of milk (odd isn’t it).  I am pumping for 25-30 minutes per session, which works out to a whole LOT of my day, but, it is worth it, because when those babies are born, I simply can’t wait to have that experience with my children.

 (PS – there is a whole PILE of excitement around our house at being in the 32nd week, only 4 more weeks till we get to see the little people in PERSON!).

April 7, 2010 at 1:14 pm 13 comments

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