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Glamour Shots

24 weeks 3 days

From Tuesday’s Ultra sound.

Because PCs SUCK and I need to edit the photos on a normal MAC, I can only show you our little boy (for some reason the girls picture won’t upload right).

Our Baby boy at 24 weeks 1 day:

 I despise working with PCs and I seem to get home so late that I can never do anything but cook, clean and sleep.

(but don’t feel bad for me – I am going down south for a week on Sunday – will hopefully get a moment to blog all about it and our reason for our trip sometime this weekend).


February 11, 2010 at 1:47 pm 5 comments

Why is pink for girls and blue for boys…

17 Weeks 0 Days

There were some intense and amazing moments on Saturday that I am only now beginning to wrap my head around.

Seeing M was fantastic. She is absolutely radiant (and should start taking some bump pictures as she is developing what I can only call a gorgeous bump). Ye know the pregnant woman who is just belly and no flubber anywhere else – well that is M – she’s one of those gorgeous knocked up chicks.

I digress.

When the ultra sound tech first switched to 3d, I could not see or understand anything. And I felt really awkward for a few minutes, the tech kept saying “oh she’s putting her hand in front of her face” (this is baby A: aka Giraffe the one that Mr. and I always said was a girl) and I kept thinking I can’t see, I am her mom and I can’t see, why can’t I see.

And then suddenly – I saw:

 See her hand is on top of her head in a very Mr. Duck kinda way. In the 4d image we kept seeing her little hand waving at us, and waving over her head. It was beyond adorable.

Then the tech went to examine baby B.

Baby B was nestled into his placenta and did not want to show either his face or his bits. We could actually see his little hands kept going between his legs in an attempt to mask anything. The tech told us that she would not tell us the gender unless she was sure, so said nothing for the first 20 minutes. 

We went back and forth between Baby A and Baby B, until baby B finally rolled over and showed us his little face (and his bits – she did this thing with the colour option to show us that yes indeed he is a he).

Here is baby B (aka Monkey):

What is funny is that we decided months ago that Giraffe ( who is female)  would represent baby A – even though I thought there were 2 boys –  because Baby A had a slightly large sac and that meant that baby B would be Monkey (a boy).

Monkey and Giraffe are, well they are the baby representatives in our house, it’s hard to communicate with you children when they are growing in another uterus so we have Monkey and Giraffe who we do talk to (no we are not insane) and are our little tiny spirit baby representatives. If you have never heard of Spirit babies, go check it out, it has changed my perspective of infertility.

December 21, 2009 at 4:46 pm 11 comments

Lactation Induction, What’s up with that?

16 weeks 3 days

Inducing lactation, for me, has very little to do with breast milk.

Sure, I will make some breast milk and that will benefit the twins, but mostly I just want to have that experience that pregnant new moms also get.

 I know that breastfeeding twins will be HARD HARD work. I know that they will have to be supplemented with formula (and I am FINE with that – I know so many great kids that were raised on formula). But, these are the experiences that I, and they, would get to have if I was pregnant, so why deny the babies, or me that experience?

For me, when I learned that I could breastfeed, somehow it really helped me accept surrogacy (well I also had no choice, it was surrogacy or no babies – that helped too).  It was my fabulous Montreal RE who told me about breastfeeding (as much as I love Dr. Del Valle who actually made me an expectant Mom I attribute just as much success to our Montreal Doctor, Dr. Mahutte, who brought us to the point where we could move onto surrogacy). He did so gently, he gave my uterus every chance possible, we even did an FET shot with Viagra – not that he thought it would help – but just so I could walk away knowing that I did everything.

When he told me that I could breastfeed it was like I could breath again, I had no idea it was something that I wanted to do so badly (and I imagine the 2 years I spent living in Montreal probably helped influence that – I’ve never seen such a place so positive breastfeeding in my life).

 But there are some significant obstacles.

First pumping. I have the pump (he arrived last week!) but there is a significant lack of pumping space.

Where does one do such a thing?

I have a wide open cubicle, can’t pump there. 

Pumping seems to be practically unheard of in Canada (please correct me!) where women can take the first year off of work as maternity leave (and get some monies from the federal government in the form of unemployment insurance). What this means is there is no such thing as a “pumping room”…

And how can I take off every 3 hours to pump?  Logistically how the hell is this going to work?

(remember my employer is a bit of a jerk – I had that whole firing-me-because-I-was-sick-issue – which they can do as I am a contract employee – a contract employee can be terminated at any time for any reason provided that they give you the notice period or money in lieu of notice as stipulated in the employment contract).

All these thoughts are keeping my mind occupied from the big wait- only 2 more sleeps till the scan!

If you have not voted on the poll please please vote! I love knowing who people think is growing in M’s belly

December 17, 2009 at 5:15 pm 10 comments


16 weeks 0 days

We are so excited, I can BARELY contain myself.

In just 5 more sleep I get to see M again!!! So excited, I feel like it has been FOREVER, and it sorta has been, the last time I saw M was at the 9 week scan and here we are at 16 weeks (of course Mr. Duck got to see her 4 weeks ago at the 12 week scan).

 And on Saturday we get to discover who is baking? !!!!!

As I mentioned before M has a poll on her blog to see who we have baking and I also have a poll – see over on the right all you need to do is click on the link and VOTE.

Please vote, I really am curious to know what everyone thinks… you can also just leave a comment.

Mr. Duck has voted on 1 boy and 1 girl, and I voted on 2 boys, as that is what I always see in my dreams, but, it is possible that it may be 2 girls (imagine how exciting it would be to decorate for 2 girls!).

 In baby Gear

I am happy to report that in the past week Mr. Breast pump arrived safe and sound, as well as the gorgeous diaper bag, an excellent book on breast feeding and a horrible book on twins (Twinsense, which mostly goes on and on about how life sucks with twins and she has no time – yet she had enough time to write a book?) and a Spa Baby bath tub which we found for 50% off at a great little store in Bloor West (did I mention how much I love a deal?).

 And this book:


 Which is fabulous fabulous book for us who know little to nothing about babies, simple straight forward (I hate those what to expect when your expecting book series – which tells me little and is  organized by questions  – they just annoy me).

December 14, 2009 at 5:20 pm 6 comments

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